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If you spend just 34 minutes a day on admin tasks, you miss at least 2 patient visits (thats at least 40 visits a month)


With our help you can return to caring for your patients and building a long lasting profitable business.


Start getting full reimbursement from your contracts, effective patient pay, on-time verifications, fewer denials and less money lost!

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Our team of experienced billers stays on top of their professional ability by closely monitoring the developments by the American Medical Association (AMA). It allows us to submit claims with a staggering level of accuracy and reduce the denial rate drastically. We ensure that within a few months the denial rate of claims for your practice, hospital or lab would be reduced to fewer than 5%.

We realize that getting the payments from insurance providers is the single most crucial source of inflow for a service provider given the model of business. We make it a priority that all claims are processed with precision and submitted at the earliest to over 4500 providers supported by our software. We study the patient visit cycle for every client and dedicate resources to processing accordingly ensuring that all claims are submitted within minimum time resulting in timely payments. At the same time, we keep track of a practices’ AR and make necessary processing at the earliest to reduce your AR.

At Swift Medical Solutions we are always available to address concerns of our valued clients. We take great pride in our ability to create an environment of cooperation where you find us right by your side available at the click of a button 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are always available on our multiple platforms which ensures the sense of security and cover, especially in challenging times be it decreased patient flow, staggering AR’s or a global pandemic.

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